Dogs for Homing

It is impossible to have pictures of all our greyhounds on the website, so why not give us a call for the most up to date information.

We also work with Maldon District Council by holding stray dogs. If these are not claimed after 7 days we will assess and rehome. No dog is put to sleep!!! They will remain with us until a suitable home is found.

All our dogs are socialised with other breeds before rehoming. 

a beautiful and extremely quiet boy, a recent addition to the kennel.Just over 3 years old.
TJ is very easy to walk on the lead and gets on well with other breeds.
Tj would make the perfect starter or addition, he'll have you "tj hooker"-ed at first sight.

A stunning little girl, just two years old and already house trained!!
No work involved with settling her in, though she can be a little timid.
She will melt your heart away.
A stunning black boy with an exceptionally laid back personality. Easy to walk on the lead and very laid back. Ringo would settle without any issues into any home environment. Ringo has no control over his ears that tend to flap from side to side. He's just over three years old. 


A cracking little girl, just 3 years old but her face does not look it. She has an amazing charm and marches as she walks. She stamps her front feet so hard that she gives the impression she has webbed feet!!


Not to be confused with our ugly duckling, this Thunder has a tail and is not as excitable. Though he does initially get excited around people and other breeds he does calm down. Thunder has been with us for a while and is now ready to be re-homed. He would be an excellent addition to any active family. Thunder is four years old.                

A delightful 5 year old girl, who acts younger than she looks,a little grey in the face but her old looks a cheeky disguise. Shes a real pleasure to have in the kennels and easy to walk.
Been in a home and returned, she needs time to settle in and is very loyal and loving. Dixie would benefit from an experienced owner who has plenty of time to dedicate to her. In the kennels she is quiet and well behaved. Dixie is five years old.
Doesn't win prizes for the best looking dog, big stick up ears and a docked tail due to a racing injury.
Thunder is our ugly duckling of the kennels. He posses a thunder and lightening personality, this dog is crazy, but in a good way. He is bursting with energy and excitement and absolutely loves cuddles, he will stand on three legs so he can have his chest and belly rubbed. After his 5 minutes of madness he is without doubt the best dog we have in the kennels and is the favourite of staff. Thunder deserves a loving home would give endless love to any perspective owner.

A striking and handsome little fella, just 2 years old and very playful. Pat is a very happy go lucky little lad who has a real enthusiasm for everything and everyone around him. Pat plays like a puppy and would make an excellent addition to any young family or an excellent starter
 A 4 year old girl who loves to be the center off attention, Penny is the Sid James of her breed ( born with an old face). This all makes up part of her charm, shes a lovely girl thats easy to walk after initial excitement and gets on well with other breeds. Once Penny is yours you'll consider her more than just lucky your be singing from heaven!!