Dogs for Homing

It is impossible to have pictures of all our greyhounds on the website, so why not give us a call for the most up to date information.

We also work with Maldon District Council by holding stray dogs. If these are not claimed after 7 days we will assess and rehome. No dog is put to sleep!!! They will remain with us until a suitable home is found.

All our dogs are socialised with other breeds before rehoming. 



A delightful small 5 year old boy, very easy to walk on the lead and interacts well with other breeds.

Sneezy would be an excellent addition to any family as a second greyhound or  as a first for the  greyhound novice, not to be sniffed at!!!

       Sharon (RESERVED)
is a good looking 3 year old bitch, and is small in comparison to others.
She is a happy go lucky little girl who loves people and has plenty of energy to burn.
Sharon would make an excellent addition to any family as she can be extremely laid back especially with other hounds, she would also make the perfect starter for the greyhound novice. 

            DOLLY (RESERVED)

Is a cracking little girl who is not even 3 yet!!

She is bursting with life and personality and thrives on companionship and affection. She gives the best kisses and cuddles and would be perfect for practically anybody!!!


is 5 years old and has experience of living in a home. A very loving and bubbly girl who can benefit from a family that likes plenty of walks to assist with her weight loss, Rose enjoys her food!





A beautiful fawn girl,5 years old and very affectionate. Lass loves people and is a very confident little lady.

A cracking little girl that we don't anticipate to be in the kennels for long!



is a petite 4 year old and a real character in the kennels. She is full of fun and can be a little mischievous but is always let off due to her cheeky looks.



A stunning brindle boy, slim build and very easy to walk.

Just 3 years old and  has a genuinely loving nature, a real pleasure to have in the kennels.

Swifty will be the perfect starter or addition hes a real gent!



A cracking 5 year old who has endearing ears that are too big for her head, she possess an overwhelming passion for people and is keen to please and love as much as possible.

A striking looking boy, Stewie is one of the kennel favourites already. He is a slim build 4 year old boy and just loves to please. He is a gentle giant and extremely affectionate. Stewie would be a very good choice for a greyhound novice.


Is 5 years old and is house trained, returned to us due to no fault of her own.

She has recently been paraded by one of our volunteers at a local carnival and stated that she was fantastic among large crowds, noise and other breeds.

Dixie has already experienced the riches of home life and we are desperately seeking a new home for her before kennel life unsettles her. 



is a stunning blue and white 5 year old boy who has en extremely generous and loving heart. He is an inquisitive boy and must be a contender for best in show this year!!!



is a gorgeous 3 year old he is a real gentle giant. He has a stunning coat too match and loves absolutely loves people, thriving off affection and thoroughly enjoys his cuddles.