All of these dogs are either elderly or been in our kennels for an extraordinary length of time. The reasons some may have stayed so long are unclear. Sometimes it is because when they come to us they are quite elderly or simply because they may not be as 'interestingly' coloured as some of the other dogs, or rather large or excitable. Whatever the reason, all of these dogs are looking for permanent loving homes and we cannot see any reason why they should not settle once they experience home life and companionship.

All of our dogs have been checked over by a vet, and to our knowledge do not have any underlying health problems. Although the recommended guideline is 2 x 20 minute walks a day, we are willing to consider letting these dogs go to homes where maybe the owner is not able to fulfil the obligation to walk them, but has a garden that the dog can have easy access to, in order to go to the toilet and run around in. A home-check is required in order for us to assess the suitability of the environment, considering the welfare of the dog at all times and to ensure the  least stress to owners.

 Advice and help will also be given where possible post adoption.

REMEMBER – Greyhounds are very lazy animals to start with and slow down more as they age!