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    Posted by Pat Barker on 01/10/2013   Email

    Would just like to say that Zoe (sixzero) is celebrating her 13th birthday today, she waited a long time for a forever home and my husband was a bit concerned about taking on an older dog. Fortunately he was 60 that year and as her racing name was sixzero that clenched the deal. She has now been with us 6 years, she may be a bit creaky and starting to show her age but we wouldn't change her for a million pounds. Zoe has brought so much fun and laughter to our lives and we love the way she 'talks' to us and always manages to shake her head at the right time when we ask her a question, it's as if she joins in our conversations and doesn't like to be left out. She is well known in the neighbourhood as the greyhound that done a runner and ended up at the golf club in Frinton. Today we celebrating her 13th birthday and spoiling her rotten, no difference there then! and hope to have her in our lives for a few more years yet. Anyone considering taking on a greyhound please do, you won't regre

    Posted by evie on 14/12/2012

    i love greyhounds but unfortunatley we cannot have one because my mum is allergic.i will come and see the greyhounds soon. evie xx

    Posted by Clarks Farm Admin on 02/11/2012

    Hi Aileen and many thanks for your comment. Unfortunately we do not produce a newsletter on a regular basis. However we do have a forum which can be found on and a Facebook page, where a lot of news updates are included. You can also follow us on Twitter. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Posted by AileenM on 31/10/2012

    Hi,Have just stumbled across your page. I currently volunteer for Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary. And would very much like to receive your newsletter, never tire of hearing how lucky dogs have (eventually) found their way to a forever home and a comfy settee Keep up the good work - Greyhound Foster Mummy x

    Posted by laura on 14/09/2012

    Have had my greyhound for three and a half months now and I dont know what id do without him. I have two kids, a guinea pig, and a boyfriend (he he.) Never had a dog before but if i had a bigger house id have two (only have one sofa :)) I love him.

    Posted by Keith & Ruth on 29/04/2012

    Hi all Mitzy (Veto) been with us a week and she has settled in brilliantly despite the trauma of being here when one of our other Greyhounds, Nikki had to be put to sleep. She is full of life and mischief but is also very loving. She is quickly becoming house trained and adores our other greyhound Jazz even looking after him when he had a poorly tummy yesterday(Saturday). She loves to play and torment Ruth especially when she is knitting or sitting with her on the settee. Her barking has become less now but still does not like fresh air sprays. We will send some photos very soon thankyou all for letting us have a wonderful little girl xxxxx

    Posted by lucy on 26/03/2012

    Hello to all at clarks farm sorry i have not been in contact sooner, just an update on [digger noel] now trigger!! not my choice of name lol, he is doing great we took him home in december and have loved every moment since!!! he is GREAT with the boys and they love him lots!!! he has a thing for footballs though and we have gone through a few lol but we dont mind. I will post pictures this week and just wanted to say thank you for helping us pick such a great dog to join our family xxxxxx

    Posted by lucy on 26/03/2012

    Hello to all at clarks farm sorry i have not been in contact sooner, just an update on [digger noel] now trigger!! not my choice of name lol, he is doing great we took him home in december and have loved every moment since!!! he is GREAT with the boys and they love him lots!!! he has a thing for footballs though and we have gone through a few lol but we dont mind. I will post pictures this week and just wanted to say thank you for helping us pick such a great dog to join our family xxxxxx

    Posted by Trevor Lodge on 17/03/2012

    Keep up the brilliant work.

    Posted by Mike on 11/01/2012

    Hi CF! I know it's sad, but i love looking through the pictures of dogs up for re-homing on a regular basis!! I think greyhounds are gorgeous dogs. Currently my girlfriend and I are living in a one bed flat (Not suitable for a dog at all!) But in a year or so we are looking at buying a property with a garden, hopefully big enough for 2 greyhounds :) Keep up the good work! Mike xx

    Posted by Jackie Morton on 28/11/2011

    Day 3 of having Dougie (Spud) at home and can't believe how well he has settled in, such a gentle giant. Will put some photo's up soon.

    Posted by sonya randall on 06/11/2011   Email

    have had our little sasha for year and a half love her so much lost our beautiful shepherd so when our hearts stop grieving we will be in touch to see if you can match us a friend for sasha. you do a fantastic job and if it hadnt been for you we would never have known the beauty of owning a greyhound and so we will contact you when the time is right. bless you all at cf you do a fantatic job sonya randallx

    Posted by Debbie and Marc on 14/08/2011

    Hi to Steve and all at clarks farm, Just to let you know that Lynx (love lynx) has settled in sooooo well, its been about 5 weeks now and he is a fantastic addition to our family, we all love him to bits he follows our other dog Gemma around everywhere although shes not sure why tho lol, Hes been good when left at home, clean indoors from day 1, travels great in the car, is great with the kids, is a complete gentleman at dinner time and sleeps like a baby what more can i say, Thanks again and see you at the fun day in september, Love Debbie, Marc, all the kids, Gemma and Lynx x x

    Posted by essie menson on 02/07/2011

    hi everyone just wanted to say all of your dogs are so lovley i thinking about getting one. Hope you are all ok and good luck with ur dogs x

    Posted by Danielle Godbold on 26/06/2011

    Thank you very much for introducing Harvey to our family he has settled in very well, he is a quick learner adapting to our home very quickly, he disn't like being left at night for a little while however when he worked out that we would see him every morning he was less anxious and soon relaxed. He loves his walks and loves his cuddles, he is such a loving happy dog and I couldn't imagine our life without Harvey. :)

    Posted by lynn britton on 19/05/2011

    Hi Everyone at Clarks Farm. Just thought we'd let you know that Katie (Katies Surprise) has settled very well it seems as though she has been here a lot longer than 2 day, there have been no little accidents in the house. She has been much admired by friends and family and just loves all the fuss and attention. She is such an affectionate girl. She is getting on really well with son's dog Zebedee, they have had great fun racing around the garden together today. Best wishes to all Roy & Lynn Britton

    Posted by Joanna Kingham on 01/05/2011

    Hi Steve and Sandra. Would love to try to get over for the Fun Day in September. Roly is doing well, he'll be 12 years old in September - but he acts like he's 12 months. See you soon. Joanna and Jim

    Posted by Ian and Michele on 03/03/2011   Email

    A huge thank u 2 all at clarks farm for introducing us 2 Billy, our new family member. He came 2 us in october and has settled in perfectly. He was very quiet at first but now his cheeky and mischevious side has come out but we wouldnt change him for the world. Many thanx again 2 all, especially Steve and Dave. . Ian, Michele and Calla

    Posted by vanessa hale on 23/01/2011

    a big thank you for bringing George (Delpac George) into our family Oct 2010. He setteled in very quickly but did intially chance his arm at every oppurtunity to join us in the bedrooms at night!He has also proved to be very clever at opening doors when we are out even when we turned the handles upside down. We have won the battle but only by putting a lock on the door to upstairs!He swipes any food left unguarded and a nightmare when out on a walk, he can spot a chip at 20 paces!He has been very good with our 5yr old who can get acrried away when playing with his soldiers.He is quite happy with me cleaning his teeth once a week and getting used to me cutting his nails but he not keen on the flea treatment. He loved the snow at christmas and was funny to watch him go to catch a snowball and then wonder where its gone. He is not to keen on the car but we do have a small corsa, he is getting used to it.he is a superstar.

    Posted by Caroline and Paul on 10/01/2011

    Hello Clarks Farm, we adopted Paddy in October 2010 and just wanted to update you on how well he is doing. He was very upset about being left for any amount of time for quite a while but has after lots of work he has learnt to relax while we're out as long as he can be left in his favourite room the dining room we did use a crate with him for a couple of months which did help quite a lot and saved our house from anymore damage although the crate is looking a bit worse for wear but then he made it clear he would rather be left in the dining room so we're very proud of him for leaping that little hurdle. He is a fantastic dog so affectionate and cuddly and although he is often hyperactive and barks and jumps on us he has never shown any aggresion to us and I think is actually incredibly patient with us. He is also very intelligent and I have been teaching him tricks just to keep his brain entertained becuase he does get bored. He is a great running companion to me and we have never manag

    Posted by The Harris's on 15/12/2010

    Our lovely Daisy ( raced as Savos Lady )has become such a big part of our lives in the few months she has been with us. She is gentle and loving - except with the garden, which she uses like a racetrack! She bounds around barking her head off at the cats next door - we did know that cats were not on her list of favourite things! The deep snow was great fun and she jumped about in it, making us laugh. Daisy loves her bed, food, cuddles, pigs ears and walks and everyone in the family loves her, even our grandaughter who has a fear of dogs. She sits and cuddles Daisy, who doesn't mind one bit :-) I tell everyone how wonderful greyhounds are and how easy they are to have around. Thank you all at Clarks Farm for our wonderful girl and the great work that you do finding homes for these beautiful animals who deserve a loving, comfortable home. All the best from Anne & Vic.

    Posted by diane thorpe on 14/12/2010

    Dear clarks Farm, We adopted Charlie ( Total Disaster) in November, he has settled in well with only a few teething problems, he is happy being left with a dog walker taking him out so long as he can sleep on our bed!!! He is really lazy and greedy. Charlie is a great ambassador for retired racing greyhounds and allready has a fan club in Felsted. We are thinking of getting another one as a friend for him!! We have taken him on a greyhound walk which he enjoyed and he will be out walking on Boxing day and new years day.

    Posted by The Smith Family on 13/11/2010   Email

    Hi Steve and all the wonderful people at Clarks Farm. Adopting "Return to Wolf" - Wolfie was the best decision this family has made in a long time. The moment I saw him on your website I knew he was the one. It was confirmed when we came to the Rescue and met him. It was love at first sight for all of us. We brought Wolfie home a week later. Wolfie has a lovely personality and such a gentle way about him. He loves his walks but more so, just lazing on his HUGE doggie bed or cuddling up to us on the sofa. Wolfie is a real cuddler and any opportunity to nuzzle in a blanket or in your armpit (ha ha) he is there. He is FANTASTIC with the kids, other dogs and is keen to be a friend to our cat although the cat (16 years old) is not so sure yet. Still, early days. Wolfie's fav dinner is sausage and mash which, as a treat, he receives once a week. He even eats all his veg up!!! He is very familiar with "the treat cupboard". Mini-Markies and sausage treats being his favourites. I

    Posted by Wendy on 07/11/2010

    My other half Mark got Cindy, a black beauty, from you in March and she is so adorable that I have since rehomed two more greyhounds, Doris and Ralph (from Kent where we live). They all get on really well and although they all have their own duvets at my house, Doris and Cindy normally choose to share one. We are so lucky to have these beautiful dogs in our lives. Cindy is not as shy and loves to give us kisses especially my youngest daughter. She loves cuddly toys and treats. Love them all to bits! :)