Below are some pictures of our dogs that have now been happily homed.

    If you would like a picture of your greyhound on this page, send us a pic & a few words and we will happily put them on!



    Hi Guys,

    We thought we would send you a few pics of Dilly in her new home.

    She loves racing around our garden and has settled in quickly.
    She's a real character, very affectionate and we love her to bits.
    Hope all is well at the 'Farm'.
    Best wishes to you all.

    Tony & Lynn



    Gloria has settled in well she loves the bed and she is very lazy. Gloria is like a puppy she's got so much

    love and great on walks.




    Bishop has more than settled in to his new home and is finally over his fear of the wooden floor!
    He is a very cheeky, playful and mischievous boy and has become the centre of attention and a part of the furniture in our home. We wouldn't be without him.



    Hope all is well with you all and November is not too wet and miserable for everyone. Thought we would just drop you a mail with news of Oliver, now renamed Broc ( short for Brocolli!) who we rehomed earlier this year (March). He is just adorable, a real gentle giant and he has settled into life in Brittany without any problems.

    He and Poppy (formerly Mojo) get on really well and he is not at all bothered about our chickens. It has taken a bit of time but he now loves a good play and has learnt a few commands....although we haven't needed many as he is very well behaved :-) 

    He is our sixth rescue greyhound but as always, its fantastic to see his character develop and he has very quickly well and truly found his place in our family

    We can't thank you enough for letting us have him and we wish you all the very best with all your work to find other dogs their forever home, you all do a fantastic job!

    Huge thanks again and if any of you are ever over this way just let us know,
    All the best,

    Hannah, Gary, Broc and Poppy

    November 2014 


    Regular followers of our Dogs For Homing Pages, particularly the Long Stayers, will recognise Gino, who through no fault of his own, was with us for some considerable time.  Thankfully, the following proves, that every dog will have his day!!!

    Hello everyone,

    I'm sure you haven't forgotten our Gino who came to us over a year ago. I

    thought you would just like an update on the old man as it's been a while!

    I've no doubt you'll be happy to know G is doing really well and has overcome

    his fear of stairs!! We often have a warm spot on the bed where he likes to

    spend most of the day.

    Somehow I've managed to gain two lady companions for him, both lurchers, who

    have brought him out of his shell and found the pup within. He's often off lead

    now on walks and loves a quick sprint or two but always comes back I'm relieved

    to say.
    Needless to say we are totally converted to grey hounds and if I could have them

    all I would! 

    Bridget, Rob and Gino

    October 2014


    This is Sophie.

    She's absolutely gorgeous and has settled in beautifully.

    Such a character about her that puts smiles on all of our faces.

    Thank you :)


    Woo Woo still having a great time with her best friend Monika


    Hi Just thought we’d send you a few pictures to let you know how Droopy Dog formerly Droopys Rolo is getting on 15 months on. As you can see she is loving life and making new friends. She is an absolute delight to be around and turns heads wherever she goes its amazing how she has a sixth sense and seems to know when other “greys” are around and always greets them with a wagging tail and has a little chat. As much as she loves going out walking her favourite place is her bed surrounded by her toys or snuggled on the sofa with mummy and daddy, the amount of joy she has bought us is incredible we love her to bits. Thank you once again for letting her “choose” us we are smitten.

    All the best

    Lisa and Julian Cutter




    < Paul and Caroline are long time supporters of Clarks Farm.


    Hello to all at Clarks farm.

    We had Bonnie (aka questhouse peggy) on 14/2/09.  As you can see she has a very hectic lifestyle, and is enjoying our retirement as she now has our full attention.

    Kind regards

    Martin and Janet


    Well I have had my beautiful Bonny girl since June and she is just gorgeous, she settled in the first day nothing fazes her, I even hoover her to get out the loose fur.

    She has never ever tried to go up stairs, one day I had to take something to some one, when I got there it was an upstairs flat, but up she went before me, and down as happy, so she can do it but obviously is fine staying down stairs.

    She gets on great with my Chihuahua, and with my children's dogs in their houses.  She loves every one and adores a cuddle I think she would love to be a lap dog.

    She has re-grown all her lost fur, and has now put on some weight, she looks beautiful.

    Thank you so much Clarks Farm for my perfect Bonny Lass..

    Lucy x & a Whoof from Jazz



    Lillie is continuing to do well & had her 4th birthday last week ...... doesn't seem possible we've had her almost a year now!!!! 

    Take care,

    Adele x


    Now that Norman has been with us for a few weeks we thought we’d send you a couple of pictures and let you know how he’s getting on.

    Since coming home with us Norman has, after some initial nerves, settled into his new home very well indeed!  He was a little unsure about a few things when he first arrived and getting him to settle in the living room with us was a real challenge but that has certainly changed and he takes some coaxing to go to his other bed at bedtime!

    We have discovered that he’s no fan of the rain and does a very good impression of a statue at the door if there’s any sign of wet or windy weather until his need to wee finally beats his reluctance to get wet!

    We have now been very much adopted as his “humans” and he comes with us everywhere, he is a particularly fond of our local pub but turns his nose up at the dog biscuits offered by the landlord – he’s clearly used to better things! He is a wonderfully gentle and calm hound but is capable of the odd “mad minute” of play and isn’t shy to let you know when you’ve not quite finished petting him.

    Norman comes to work with me a couple of days a week and chills out all day behind my desk moving closer and closer as the day goes on until I can hardly move in my chair for nose and  legs. He’s immensely popular with my work colleagues and there is clear disappointment when he doesn’t come in with me!

    So far he’s proved fond of sardines, tuna, expensive feed, cheese and, when I made the mistake of leaving it within reach for about 4 seconds, a pizza!!

    Norman is a fantastic addition to our family and has already worked his way deep into our hearts; we simply couldn’t be without him and love him very, very much.

    Thank you Clarks Farm for helping us to home such a wonderful and loving character, he is a delight!

    Christian & Lindsey


    We think that Oddball (Benjen) has settled in very well.

    Thanks for a good choice.

    Helen, John, Alex & Charlotte.



    Tiffany (who was called Kiwi) has settled brilliantly, with no problems at all. She is a very loving, affectionate, playful and fun dog. She also loves cuddles! We are very lucky to have found you and in doing so, such an amazing dog!



    Best wishes,


    Julia, Charlotte, Grace, Nana and Granddad



    Thought I'd let you know how Gino is doing! 

    He's really settled in at home and is a great character. He loves his walks but more so his morning snooze afterwards! 

    He's happy wherever he goes and with whoever he meets and likes watching his dad play football on a Saturday. Nearly everyone who meets him comments on how good looking he is and we are very proud to have him with us.

    No one would have thought he'd never lived in a house before as he has very good manners (except the ham he pinched off the counter when I wasn't looking!)

    We really couldn't imagine life without him.  

    Heres a couple of photos for the website for you all to see how he's getting on.

    Kind regards

    Bridget and Rob


    Hi all,

    Daisy is settling in very well. Apart from the initial problems in the car with Ellie we have had no problems at all, and Daisy and Ellie now walk together.

    Meeting the cats was a non event she just ignores them.

    As promised heres a few photos, 

    Many thanks for a wonderful dog and keep up the

    good work.

    Kind regards,



    Hello All at Clarks Farm

     Just thought I would let you know how well Foxy has settled into our home, having lost our old girl Bomber in October and then having Foxy in September it has made the process of losing Bomber alot easier especially for the kids.

     Foxy has settled in really well into our home, she loves our settees and beds

    and loves chewing on the odd barbie doll!!! She enjoys going out for a walk

    every day with her doggy friends especially her best mate Lukey! They enjoy

    chasing each other all over the fields. Although we dont like it when they

    decide to roll in things they shouldn't be rolling in (fox poo)!!!

    Thank you Steve and Staff for letting us have such a loving dog.

    Nick, Nicky, Zoe and Isla


    This is Ebbie (greyhound) and Alfie (lurcher).  I would like Ebbie to be put on the found a home page. Please say she is wonderful and is such a playful, loving and muched loved part of our family now. Thank you to clarks farm for letting us have her.  She enriches our lives. We will be back for another friend soon.

    Lynne x


    Hi there,

    Been nearly a year now since Darin came home to live with us and it has been a wonderful year. He truly has settled in and become a true character in the family. Everybody loves him and would take him home in an instant if give the chance! He has a very playful nature now and will do anything for a game of ball! Lily our cav x cocker is his best friend and they do everything together which sometimes is a bit hard when both want to be on your lap. Darin just has too long a leg to fit ha ha. Can't thank you enough for allowing me to give him a forever home. Could never be parted from him, he's my boy always. I've attached some pics showing some of his year with us.

    Best wishes

    Mrs Noble and family

    I guess after nearly 5 months we should give you an update on Rocco! Where does time go!?

    Early days were no fun for Rocco. He cornered a fox in the garden and ended up with a bloody nose after 4 days and then after walking him too much early on we make his paws all sore which meant he was confined to bed for a week!

    He is a dream though. He whimpered a few times on night one but that was it! So quiet (normally only barks in his sleep!) and so gentle too with all kids and other dogs! We've never had ONE accident in the house either. He loves his walks now, and goes quite silly when the lead comes out. He gets an hour in the morning ( 20 mins later on and a walk round the

    block before bed!) and sleeps for the rest of it!

    You will often find him with a sock or slipper on his bed, just nuzzling up to it, not chewing it. He loves playing with his toys and has funny five minutes when he will just run in a tight circle in the living room shaking his squeaky toy at the same time! He does NOT like the

    hoover, stairs NOR wooden floors :)

    We often put his races on the computer ( that WAS exciting to find them on the Irish Greyhound Board website) to show him but he doesn't pay much attention to them :))))

    We can't imagine life without Rocco now and you never know, come the Summer time, we may even be coming back to get Rocco a girlfriend!

    Thank you for introducing us to Rocco!

    Darren, Lorri, Ellie Mae, Alfie & Rocco!


    Dear All,

    We are so glad to have Barney because he is a real superstar. He is now 18 weeks and getting taller and taller. He is totally housetrained, loves cuddles and is so much fun!

    He recently passed his Puppy Foundation Assessment at the Puppy Socialisation classes we have been taking him to once a week.This means that he can sit, lay down and come when he is called. We are going to carry on with the training classes as he really enjoys them and seeing his friends every week! We have also taught him to shake hands and high five.

    All our other dogs are doing fine and are great friends with Barney, he is best friends with Kylie and Jason as they are so playful.

    His favourite place to sleep is the closest spot to the fire even if it means laying across another dog or underneath the stove! We love him so much.


    Just a quick update on how TELL now called GEORGE, has settled into home life. 

    He is a delightful dog, calm, placid, he does not jump up at people and is very well behaved with all sized dogs even little fluffy ones. 

    Very different to our last greyhound who liked to flatten the small dog variety!

    George even passes cats by without a 2nd look.

    We haven't tested him out with children yet but by his temperement we think there will be no major problems.

    A welcome addition to our family, he loves his cocker spaniel companion.

    Best regards

    Hazel & Jeff  




    Thank you for helping me to find such a lovely dog as Beauty. She is settling in really well and has even started to get up later! hoorah! We have no mess indoors so long as I give her a 10 minute evening walk, she doesn't need her muzzle, is fine with other dogs (if a little nervous of the smaller ones), children, unusual noises and people - terrific. She doesn't even pull to chase cats! although she has tried to catch a couple of squirrels - will they never learn? ;) Heres a couple photos of her with my grandson and one NOT laying curled up - she prefers the 'horse' pose... mind you, she hasn't yet found my settee - I think it's too small for her - result!


    Hi to all at Clarks,

    Taffy has been with us for 5 weeks now. He has settled in very well, loves his food and is gradually putting on the weight he needs to. We are sure it won't take long at the rate he is eating! He is still very nervous, especially when it comes to traffic and some people, although he seems fine when he meets other dogs. He is trying various rooms in the house for size and at the moment seems to favour the conservatory, probably someting to do with the underfloor heating! He is hard work at times but definitely worth it and we wouldn't be without him now.

    Thanks again for all your help,

    Paula & Jeff


    You asked me to let you know how I was getting on and wow!! - I really think I’ve fallen on my feet. My new home is very nice and comfy. I am allowed in the living room when Mummy sits and watches TV (that’s a box with moving pictures).

    I have a big cushion for my bed and a nice garden with a big shady tree for me to lay under.

    Mummy takes me for walks twice a day in the park which is right next to the house and there are lots of doggy friends for me to meet. 

    Work is really busy. Mummy and I are out and about all over the place. All of the people we work with just love me coming to visit so, when Mummy is working in the office, I talk to the disabled people and let some of them take me out for a walk. Most days we come home but sometimes we have to stay away in hotels and the people there are getting to know me and Mummy says they spoil me. I really don't know what she means!! 

    Sklya xx


    Hi all at Clarks Farm, 

    We have been meaning to send photos of Scooby Doo (formerly Jo Burgess) for ages. We adopted him in January 2011 after losing one of our Greyhounds whom we had had for 9 years. Our then 10 year old Domino was pining terribly and so we came on the hunt for a new playmate for her. Well, we weren't disappointed. Scooby settled into the house so quickly you would have thought he had lived with us forever. He soon fell in love with Domino and the pair a inseparable now. If one has to go to the vets the other has to go too!!! He has helped Domino get over her loss and she is playing again, in fact she is more mischievous than ever, pretty sure that Scobby Doos influence as he is a loon! 

    Scooby has taken to caravanning and is looking forward to another holiday over the Jubilee weekend, as you can see from his photos he has the PJ's to keep him cosy. He also visited Whitby with us in March and was rather thrilled with the runs on the beach. Both him and Domino slept for a week solid when we got back. 

    We affectionately call Scooby our rag doll as you can literally pick him up and plonk him down anywhere. He loves a good cuddle and although he was hesitant getting up on the sofa now we can't get him off it. 

    He really has made a difference to our lives, thank you for letting us bring him home that day. 

    Kind regards, 

    Kirsty and Stuart 


    Fistral (aka Bitview Tetley) enjoying homelife with Felix the cat and the late Pixie.




    Compliance Pride - Charlie has settled in really well with his new family.




    As we are today celebrating Zeus and Kitti's 8th birthdays I thought that we should give you an update on their progress.  We took Kitti home from you back in August 2007 to be a companion to our first beautiful greyhound Tea (who sadly passed away in Feb 2008).  Kitti has now been with us for 4.5 years and is the most loving and loyal dog anyone could hope for.  She has tolerated our 3 children hanging from her neck and smothering her in kisses from the first day she arrived.  She looks up at you with such love it is amazing to see.  However her love for food means that she has never quite managed to get down to perhaps the weight she should be and the children don't help because they love to give her treats!  Zeus came to our home in February 2008 after we lost Tea to cancer and he has been such a monkey since his arrival!  His favourite pasttime is to go into the girls' rooms and steal their toys from them!   The 2 together were joined in October 2009 by our lovely little girl Phoebe.  She came to us at the age of 2 and was frightened of everything - she is much better now although still very timid if out on a walk.  Both her and Zeus know that Kitti is the top dog and treat her accordingly!  As you can imagine with 3 greyhounds we rarely get to use the sofa!!  All 3 have brought enormous joy to our household.   I can strongly recommend a greyhound for every home in the country!

    Much love Sharon Watson (and Neil, Caitlin, Francesca, Lauren, Zeus, Kitti and Phoebe)



    Just to let you know Billy and Susie are getting on really well and Susie seems much happier now we have Billy she had been barking in the night and chewing door frames but from the first night we had Billy there wasn't a peep from either of them.

    This picture is from a greyhound walk in Ipswich with 40 other greyhounds. Billy is still quite shy and nervous of any new situation and on arrival his tail was tucked so far under him it was tickling his belly but he is very trusting and after a little cuddle he came round and began sniffing some bottoms.

    Thanks for giving us another lovely greyhound.

    Caroline, Paul, Susie and Billy


    Hello Steve and the team,

    Sorry its been so long but just wanted to update you on how Tic Tac is doing....

    She has been renamed Tess and she seems pleased with her new name. She is doing so well, you might remember she was very skinny when I first took her home but she is perfect weight now and her coat is shiny and healthy. She is completely bonkers and loves nothing better than to throw her cuddly toys around the living room. Tess is a real mummys girl and gets lots of cuddles. We go for lots of walks with Lizzie (my mums greyhound who is also doing really really well, no sign of nerves now!) she is Tess's best doggy friend they love each other and love to spin round the field together when we can let them off.

    I have enclosed 2 photos of Tess for you to enjoy, I think the 2nd one shows how mad she is :) Tess is part of the family now and we wouldnt be without her!! Thank you for your patience on the day that I took 7 greyhounds out for walks, I definately made the right decision in the end, it was love at first sight when I saw Tess. :)

    Thanks again for all your help, keep up the good work.

    Emma and Tess xxx




    I just wanted to send you a quick update on how Livewire Ali, now Ally has settled in.

    She has been a little angel so far and has settled into our home so quickly. She has been perfectly well behaved since the day we brought her home and it is now as if she has always been here! She's been thoroughly spoilt at Christmas and has had some PJs custom made for when it is cold, which she loves!  She has got on really well with her new companion Leo, who is a little kitten! We've all been for a nice walk in the snow this morning and she’s now curled up fast asleep in her bed.

    Lots of love,

    Olly, Rachel & Ally x


    Hi everyone at Clarks Farm,

    Just wanted to write a little something to let you know how our new dog Eddie formerly "Hovex Fantasy".  We've had him for just over a month now and we are head over heels in love with him (as is everyone he meets!!). He is such a lovely boy. When we first got him he was very unsure of new people, the stairs, the hoover and going out for walks. It didn't take him long to settle in and he's been brilliant with our 2 cats. He ignored them from day one and they are now comfortable with him. He's had a bath which he enjoyed and is now very confident in running up and down the stairs! He can still be a little shy at first with new people but he's getting more and more confident everyday (even confident enough to nick my dinner off my plate!!). When he goes out walking now he is no longer bothered by dogs, cars, or other people and he gets very excited when we go out. He's such a laid back little chappy who's very good with our 10 month old. He's not bothered by her when she crawls over to him. He has also been fantastic on the lead, especially when we go walking and I'm pushing a buggy. He knows not to pull and trots along side the buggy quite happily. We were stunned at how lazy he is though.... once he's settled he's very hard to get him up and about (usually have to resort to bribery!) Thank you so much for allowing us to meet this lovely dog and bring him into our home!

    lots of love Louise, Billy, Amelia and Eddie 


    Dear All at Clarks Farm

    I was wondering if you could add my hound 'Scooby' AKA Newlawn Barry (Baz) to your happily homed page. He was only 3 1/2 years old when I adopted him from yourselves back in Feb 2007 and he is now 8 years old, so we have been together for nearly 5 years now. He is not only my loving, loyal companion but also my best friend. He always knows how to cheer me up or keep me on my toes with his mad moments on walks when he sees a squirrel! And if he is not 'trying' to chase squirrels, he is up on the kitchen worktop hunting for food! He is my rock and I could not have chosen a better dog! I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work!

    Love Louise & Family xxx


    Hi to all at Clarks Farm

    Its been almost 3 months now since Yang (Gambling Ernie) came to live with us. He has settled in well, he has taken well to the home luxuries, like sharing the settee with our two toddlers. He enjoys a cuddle and even tries to sit on your lap. It took him a little while to master the stairs but now there’s no stopping him bounding up the stairs when the boys are playing in the bedrooms. When Yang’s not playing swing ball he enjoys chilling out in the pool on a hot day.

    We live opposite a park which Yang loves, he loves chasing the kids on the zip line and is always on the  lookout for wild rabbits. We have put a few pictures together for you to see.

    Thank you for matching us up with Yang. We will keep you posted with he’s progress.

    Kellie & Scott


    Hi to all at Clarks farm,

    Just a line to let you know how Gemma is getting on ,she has now been with us for five weeks, and has settled down very well. She was as you know very nervous ,but has and still is getting better every day.It has been very rewarding to see her come around to us, the mornings are great when we get up and come down stairs she gets so excited.

    We would like to thank all at clarks farm for the great opportunity to home our little Gem Gemma.

    heres some photos of both Gemma and Sky,as she was over with the inlaws this weekend.

    kind Regards

    Carol & Mike.


    I thought I should send in an update on our newest family member, Jazzmine (Wise Jazzmine) she has been with us just over 5 months and we just cant imagine a time without her. She settled in really well and excepted out cat Lily fairly quickly, and so far has only chased her down the garden the once! though when we are not home we do keep her muzzled just so no temptation gets the better of her. As you can see from the photos she has taken over one of my sofas, and  loves nothing better than snuggling up in blankets whenever she feels cold. My children Jess and Ollie adore her and she adores them in return. I love her and my peaceful weekend morning walks especially the ones that take us to Highwoods Country Park.......even if Jazzy does harrass the fishermen for their bait when she is let off her lead.

    My daugher Jess was knocked over on a zebra crossing while walking Jazz and landed on her back legs, but they both must have guardian angels looking over them because they only had scratches and bruises and with a little loving attention both are fine, though Jazz isnt too keen on that particular crossing anymore! Maybe some day in the future we will adopt a friend for Jazz, though I will have to get a bigger car first!

    Adopting Jazz has changed our lives and its a decision that I recommend to anyone who will listen.

    Elaine, Jess and Ollie


    Dear all at clarks Farm,

    Well its been about 10 weeks now since PENSKE now Penny came to live with us in the mad house! As you can see by the attached pic which was taken at my parents house, she certainly enjoys herself.  She is getting on very well with the other two hounds, Ed the Jack Russell is still in charge and William has become her best buddy! They go everywhere together and are often found together on her bed side by side, they are like a couple of bookends!

    We love having Penny, she has made such a difference to our home (not least I am now not the only female in the house!) but she inparts a general air of calm around her!

    Training is coming along and we have found she responds very well to a squeeker and an unstuffed soft toy called 'dead duck' so much so that we can let her off the lead for a run over the field or along the lane by the golf course which is well fenced in! Her and William run round and round barking at each other seeing who can get dead duck the first.... its usually Penny but she does give it up sometimes for William to have his share.

    Pennys one and only vice is white bread, we have to keep it well away from her or she will eat a whole loaf!  Every time the bread bin lid come off she is the first in the kitchen. She has stolen a couple of sandwiches if I have not been looking!! Other than that she is a good girl and we all love her! 


    Sue and Mark xxxxxxxxxx





    We thought you would like to know that Shifty is settling in well.

    No problems, apart from his size - we're not used to a dog who's head is at kitchen worktop level! 

    He's very affectionate and is always pleased to see people.

    Yours, Barry



    Just an update that we came to your farm March 2009 & came away with a beautiful black girl "WELL DONE JULIA".  We have kept the name as it suits her so much. Julia has been to Cornwall on holiday with us along with other weekends away & days out. Julia loves the beach and wasn't afraid of the sea! 

    Julia gets to walk every day with new friends "Whippets"!


    We have nearly had Julia a year now & we have never looked back she has brought so much fun & meaning in to our lives. It was her first Christmas with us & she made our day.


    Dear Clarks Farm,

     I just wanted to let you know that Smartie has settled in well. She has her own special chair in the sitting room with her own pillow and blanket. Her pineapple is one of her favourite toys. I gave her a teddy but she didn't seem to like it and chewed its eyes and nose off! :-) She loves running around the garden chasing the squirrels. I will have to send you some pictures of her in the garden as well.

    Best wishes Emily




    Just a few pictures and an update to let you know how Val is getting on. We collected Val in August and the children renamed her Tipsy which she seemed to take to immediately. She came straight through the house into the garden and rolled around on the grass - I swear she was smiling. As a working single mum chosing my first dog, you can imagine how important it was to get it right. Tips has turned out to be the sweetest girl. She is calm, undemanding and loves to spend the day just chilling out. But when I put my shoes on...... she's there ready and will often stand over my feet so I cannot do my shoes up - kind of a well I'm coming too attitude. She seems to win over everyone she meets including my niece who has learning difficulties and was terrified of dogs. Tips and I go for a run every morning. She makes a very good running companion - not all dogs take to it but she consdiers me pretty slow by her standards !

    So a big thank you to everyone at Clarks farm for your help and for the work you do - rehoming Tips is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made.





    Just to let you know how we are getting on with Teddy who became part of our family in March.

    On the first day, cautious about putting him off his new home but also very aware of the strong kennel smell! we bathed him and to be honest I think he really enjoyed it, with grooming everyday which he also throughly enjoys his coat is soft and shiny.

    He is loving his walks and seems to have caught on to the magic word W.a.l.k.i.e.s

    When he is excited his teeth chatter and he dances about on his toes which is so sweet.

    Despite finding living in a house a bit too warm and struggling with the stairs at first, he seems to have adapted very quickly and now loves cuddles in front of the woodburner and leaps up and down the stairs.

    He is good at night, although does prefer classic fm on in the background (we thought radio 1 might not be so restful to sleep to) and apart from one little accident has been very clean in the house.

    Last weekend he met Harry, Philips parents very short labrador and apart from looking very comical together they got on very well. Harry also introduced him to splashing about in the water, which we were surprised to see him enjoy so much. 

    Teddy has taken to coming to work everyday and is quite happy with the comings and goings. He also loves squeaky toys and has got through several already. We were also amazed to discover he brings balls back when thrown for him, not sure where he learn't this from?

    When he first walked into our house he looked so big and not being a fold away variety of greyhound - he prefers to lay stretched out flat! Despite this he now seems to fit perfectly in our lives and other dogs seem just so small.

    He has taken a liking to our sheepskin rug at the bottom of my bed and if your not careful he does quietly pull bits out of it. I think his theory is that if he makes it scruffy enough we might give it to him in his bed!! He is probably right and the birds are loving the extra soft nesting material.  

    We are fence judging at a cross country event next weekend and I think the horses galloping past will be a test for his quiet nature.

    He is so cuddly and friendly and we can't quite believe how quickly we have fallen completley in love with him. We are already planning all the things we are going to do together in the summer. Including coming to your show in June.

    Lisa & Philip



    Its been over a year now since we picked up Diamond from you and she has settled in well, she has Tod who is her best friend. We now live in the forest of dean and they both get plenty of exercise.

    Thanks a million

    Mark and Beth



    Perry's Tune, now known as Melody or Mel has now been with us nearly three months and the in change her is amazing.  She came to us as the most timid, 'scaredy cat' dog I have ever come across, she was frightened of her own shadow.  We took it very slowly  and let Mel come out of her shell in her own time, giving her a 'den' in the corner of the lounge.  Over the weeks she slowly gained confidence in us and her surroundings and now you wouldn't recognise her as the shivering wreck we collected from the kennels.

    Mel now enjoys long walks out on the heath land and forests around us and she loves cantering alongside my pony when I go out for rides.  She's turning out to be quite a tomboy, she likes nothing more than wallowing in stinking muddy puddles and playing in any water she can find!  As you can see from the photo, the dirtier the better!
    br /> Clark's Farm - a huge thank you for bringing this beautiful girl into our lives.

    Julie & Gus



    This is Spider  with his new best friend Barney. Barney is very keen on poor old Spider's bed so it's quite funny to watch him manoeuvre his huge frame around the cat to avoid squashing him! When he's really tired though and wants a big stretch, Barney is quite polite and always gets out of the way of those long legs! Spider has settled really well into our family, he loves his walks and gets a good hour every day at least. He has become much less jumpy with the children, though is still a little wary at times and prefers to be in a different room to them, usually laying at one or other of the grown ups' feet. He has many friends on the daily school run, and in this colder weather always finds a willing 'warm person' to lean against! He has also made a particularly good pal in a handsome Staffordshire bull terrier called Rowan. Watching them run around in the garden is hilarious as the staffie can't keep up with him so he tricks Spider by running directly underneath him!
    We're so happy with Spider that we are seriously considering getting a girlfriend for him from Clarks farm, though we'd need to lose some furniture to fit in another bed! 

    Thanks so much to Clarks farm for finding him for us - he fits our family perfectly!

    Jodie and Kirk and Alfie, Luke and Pacey





    Just thought we would drop you a line to tell you how Trotter McGee is getting on. His new name is Troy, Trotters was a bit of a mouthful. He has settled in really well and we love him to bits. He is a real character and is so full of mischief, although not in a bad way. As you can see from the pic he loves to take a the strangest positions. He Loves his toys especially his teddy which he squeaks to his great pleasure or to make a point!

    Thanks again for all your help and advice.


    Just a quick update now Simon has been with us just over three weeks. He really is a smashing lad and has settled into rural domesticity remarkably well. Our other two dogs, Tigger (about six years old lurcher rescue) and Barley (very active 16 month border collie) have taken to Simon really well and the three happily walk together! Barley, however, cannot understand why Simon does not play but recently cracks have appeared in his armour and has relaxed enough to enjoy some of Barley's antics.

    Last Sunday, on a deserted Winterton beach, we let Simon have a few minutes off the lead!  He was really very nervous and only went a few paces away.  He did let us take a photo however with the other dogs and our daughter. Simon is on the left in the blue coat, looking very smart.


    It's just over a week now since we collected Judy from CF so I thought you might like a brief update on how we've been getting on...It would be difficult to imagine how things could have gone any better.  Judy has got on really well with Eliot but the most amazing thing is that she hasn't had a single "accident" in the house despite the fact that she has never been house-trained.  We gave her a bath on the second day because it was so warm and sunny.  She seemed to really enjoy all the attention of shampooing, drying off and brushing her coat, which now shines in the sun.She seems to enjoy watching the TV and is intrigued by the hall mirror which used to get her quite excited trying to find out where the "other dog" was hiding.
    Thank you for matching us up with Judy.