This page is dedicated to the memory of Greyhounds we have loved and who are, unfortunately, no longer with us.

     Please contact us if you would like a photo of your dog on this page.


    SID ( Letsbreakthelaw) 

    June 2010 - November 2016

    It is with an extremely heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to one of our special boys. 

    Sid came to the kennels directly from Hove with a minor injury that prevented him from being able to race and reach his full potential. He was with us for many years and as well as being one of the team and family member he also became one of our sponsor dogs for a short period until finding his forever home.

    He was my special and gracious boy who will be forever missed, 

    Sid, may you now run free from pain over the rainbow and find those bloody squeekers!!!

    All our love, forever

    Dean and the team at the Kennels xxxx.



    Erin 04/05/2003 – 26/03/2016 - (Race name Pedros Girl)

    It was with great regret that we made the heart breaking decision to say goodbye to our beautiful little girl due to her arthritis and muscle deterioration reaching a point where current medicine was unable to help any more.

    We first met Erin on 02/08/2009 amongst a gang of her boisterous kennel mates who had all travelled to Dorset on a day trip to find their forever homes. She chose us by placing her head on my shoulder and we quickly bonded. In her new home she became a much loved family member and wonderful companion who achieved celebrity status in our neighbourhood for being the graceful, friendly and charming hound that she was. Every day with her was an adventure of which some memorable occasions included falling in the river, getting entangled in thorn bushes, refereeing a disagreement's with a swan and dealing with a gate that nearly cut her tail off. She would never jump in/out of the car; just waited to be lifted in and we always would! Erin was a quite and gentle family member who filled our lives with happiness and fun and will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her. Always in our hearts and forever walking along side us in spirit.

    Sleep well my sweet-pea.


    It is with great sadness I need to let you know that my Ginnie (Formerly Baystreet Ginge) passed away on 30 April 2016.
    Ginnie was a long stay resident with you, extremely nervous when we first met in June 2012.  It was when I was emailing to let you know that my little girl Tilly (Hong Kong 4) had passed away that Ginnies picture kept popping up on my screen.  I made an appointment and only wanted to meet with Ginnie, it was fate.
    Steve remembered me from a funeral donation made in my sons memory in 2010, we arranged for Ginnie to come home with me within the next few days. 
    We moved home in January 2015 and this enabled Ginnie to have a much larger garden where she had her friends round to have a play (Cocoa a chocolate coloured greyhound also adopted from Clarks Farm).
    Ginnie was so loving and extremely devoted, although we were only together for 4 years, we overcame her nervousness and her confidence grew and grew.  Ginnie was taken far too early due to a very aggressive cancer which only became apparent in February.
    Although my heart is broken I am grateful for the time Ginnie filled my life with such love and joy.  To others looking to adopt, please do not be put off by those who are considered long stay homers, they too are full of love.

    Kathryn Pitcher 




    Gone to the big dog track in the sky aged 13 years and 7 months.

    We have so many loving memories of our cheeky chappy and we were blessed he chose us.  He has left a huge hole in our life.

    'Running Free'





    My lovely hound sapphire passed over the rainbow bridge  after suffering a stroke while she was asleep. I got her from yourselves back in 2006 and it was the best thing I done.  She has been there for all the good times and the bad times, but I believe she's had a good life and couldn't of had a better dog, Thank you. Carl Cook




     ZIPPY (Newlawn Zippy) 

    From race track to 7 lovely years with us, now with 2 cats (in the photo with him) and 2 dogs, playing on the big race track in the sky. From all the people who knew him from the cliff top rescue team and all his dog and human friends, Eileen Roper and Family. xxx




    Lolly, you have given us 7 wonderful years. Safe journey over the Rainbow.

    Michele & Kevin Marsh



     Dear all, It is with the greatest sadness we have to tell you we lost our most wonderful boy on the 23 October 2015.We came to Clarks Farm looking for a greyhound,we set eyes on a brindle boy who was just going back in he's kennel.Well we took him for a walk and the rest is history.When he first came home he was jumping up on the work surfaces in the kitchen then he turned to our bed and jumped like he had found a trampoline.We loved him from the start,Eight and a half years of love and fun,so many stories to tell.we have so many memories to look back on .He was the most perfect dog ever our hearts are breaking.Kevin had developed arthritis in he's back legs and collapsed vocal cords ,he started to change and we knew we had to make the most heartbreaking call.It was so quick he went so peacefully with he's dad and I holding him telling him we loved him so very very much and that we would never forget him.Fly high my boy do zoomies everyday. Until we meet again at the bridge my darling.

    Kim O'Connor



    Rex (Lordsbury Simms)

    Born 3 July 2004-Died 25 March 2015.
    It is with great sadness we have to tell you that Rex died on 25 March 2015.  We adopted Rex (racing name Lordsbury Simms) from Clarks Farm on 25 September 2007.  In the 7.5 years he lived with us, he brought a great deal of joy to our lives.  There was no finer sight than to see him running at racing speed around a field just for the fun of it, although charging around the garden in a figure of eight pattern did not do the lawn any good!  He was always pleased to see us when we came in, standing at the door with tail wagging madly.  He was a handsome blue dog with many admirers when out walking.  He won most handsome dog and best veteran  at our local dog show last year.  Rex's last illness was brief; he had developed liver and lung cancer.  We loved him so much and he gave us unconditional love in return.   He has left a great hole in our lives and is much missed.



    Sybil- Sometime Late 19.08.2001 to 17.01.2015

    Dear Steve and Sandra

    We wanted to let you know that our happy and mischievous little darling, Sybil, passed away peacefully last Saturday night at the grand age of nearly 13 and a half. Always so inquisitive with her nose into everything, our lives - changed forever and for better with her in them - seem so empty now. We miss her terribly but will be ever grateful that she came to be with us. Always in our hearts...keep smiling little girl 
    Kind regards
    Chris and Jackie Bingham



    Homed to us August 2006  - Christmas Eve 2014

    The last of the three musketeers,  Dean is the one on the sofa on the left.

    Dean passed away suddenly on Christmas Eve and leaves a big greyhound hole in our home that can't be filled.

    Our best friend and wise old man.

    Sarah, Rich, Will and Neave xxxx


    Minnies Nassaro 

    8th June 2003 - 11th November 2014 

    It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that on the evening of 11th November 2014, due to kidney failure, we had to have our wonderful friend Nas putto sleep.  

    Nas was an amazing dog who became an integral member of our family and he bonded closely with Ruby and Peter and was a constant companion to Danny and Ben, our other two dogs.  Karen walked Nas with our other dogs, and he was always keen to go out with them all, whatever the weather.  Emily is our 'in-house animal nurse' and took good care of Nas's teeth and nails.

       We miss Nas tremendously and still look for him in his bed and expect him to be there at feeding times. Wherever he is now, I know he is being well cared for and has just as good a life as he had with us. 

    Goodbye Nas, we all miss and love you so much.

       Peter, Ruby, Karen and Emily

    And Danny & Ben




    Connie I have attached a photo of Connie before she developed her cancer of the nose area.  Her death was a shock to us because everything happened within three weeks of any sign of any illness but because of the severity of the cancer we had no choice but to put Connie to rest. She will be missed by all the family and her fellow dogs at home.

    Thanks for everything

    Julie and Stuart Herman.


    Peanut (Red Letter) thank you for the last 7 years our lives are richer for knowing you. Our hearts are broken but you are now pain free flirting with all the ladies at the rainbow bridge. Have fun my gentle giant xxx


    Kefcar Ricardo (Joe to us) was a gentle soul who brought such joy and pleasure to our lives in the 7 years he was with us. We will never forget him or his particular ways of making sure he got fed and went for walks on time

    Jim & Rose ____________________________________________________


    (Racing Name: Atomic Eyes)

    12.09.2001 – 31.05.2014

    What a befitting name for those appealing eyes Especially for the hound who became so wise.

    How did your nickname “The Scoob” come to be? Who knows, but it made you dance with glee! We hope you enjoyed your 11 years with us, We know you appreciated all the fuss.

    Rest in peace as we think of happy times with you We will remember you with love in everything we do.

    Missing you lots

    Madeleine and Graham




    (racing name: Mullhussey Minx)

    Our beautiful girl taken so suddenly aged 10 years

    You came into our lives took over our hearts suddenly left and tore us apart. Run free sweetheart

    Love you forever

    Suddenly our beautiful girl Dotty fell ill and had to be put to sleep. Our hearts are broken but she filled our lives with love and happiness. R.I.P darling girl until we meet again.

    Love you forever. Neil, Linda and Ed.



    When we brought home our lovely Kate,

    We knew she was our perfect mate , She used to nudge open the garden gate ,

     And often for school that made us late.
    But now she has opened another gate.

    Poem written by

    Charlie aged 9 and Lola aged 6 _____________________________________________________

    Hal - (Live Customer)

    8.8.2003 - 18.11.2013

    The most wonderful hound who leaves a big hole in our lives, but remains in our hearts forever.

    Carol and David


    raced as 'Ronnie's Assassin',

    registered as 'Daisyfield Maxi'.  

    14/1/2006 to 5/11/2013.  

    Homed to me September 2009.  


    Words do not adequately describe this beautiful, regal boy.  He taught me so much and was my very best friend. I feel privileged to have spent four years with him.  He died running free in a beautiful wood, something he loved to do.  He is buried there in a piece of paradise, so fitting a setting for him.





    Mr Boots.

    My big black dog our gorgeous Bootsy Boy You came into our lives bringing so much love and joy. 

    Sadly only with us for such a short while You always knew just how to make us smile.  

    Your bright shiny eyes Your funny bendy nose Your wiggly waggy tail Your happy tappy toes.

    The house is oh so empty our pack so incomplete So hard to face we will never again hear those happy tappy feet.  

    You changed our lives forever in so many wonderful ways We will always treasure dearly all those very special days

    Until we meet again dear friend on our walk up in the sky’s Always thinking of you and those loving shiny eyes.

    Love Mum & Dad xx


    Ridgeway John

    DOB 08-06-1999     30-07-12

    In memory of our very special boy John, a true and loving  friend and a fantastic companion. Loved by all that were privileged to of known him, and never more loved than by mum and pops. A day never passes and never will without you being in our thoughts, plenty of tears we both still shed and two broken hearts that can never be mended, until we meet again our very own special poppet, love you forever

    Mum and Pops


    It was with deep sadness that we had to say farewell to Flash (Euro) on 4th

    June 2013. He was a legend of a dog to all who knew him and everybody's mate. He has left a huge hole in our pack, though Barney is trying his hardest to fill it. Thanks Steve, for trusting us to give him the home he deserved all those years ago.

       So long old friend, long may you run!

    Love you lots and until we meet again

    Evie, Rob and Angie Byott




    Hi Steve

    You probably already know but we are very very sad here having had to have Missy put to sleep yesterday - Friday 12th April.

    She was really struggling with her back legs and Bill said it was her discs. At twelve and a half years we felt we could not put her through MRI scan, operations, etc..

    We are all devastated here as she had been such a central part of our lives  for the past seven and a half years. The house seems empty without her.

    Both my wife and I have had dogs back to our childhood and she has been the most friendly, even tempered, loving dog we have ever known!! 

    She had never been a moment's trouble (except for going down the rubbish!).

    She was there for us first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and a wonderful companion.

    Missy loved having a fuss made of her, welcomed every visitor to the house, got so excited when we came home, would worry if one of us was still out (she'd pace up and down looking out the window!), she was great with children, even put up with our cats, and would even howl at the back door (from indoors) to let us know one of the cats wanted to come in!

    She was a delight to take for a walk, never pulling and always happy to walk at your side.  She used to enjoy coming to your fairs to meet all the other lucky greyhounds, and to staying at Clarks Farm when we went away on holiday.

    Missy was the perfect dog and is sadly missed.

    Thank you for introducing us to Missy (Miss Soochie) all those years ago (she chose us!) and to you and all your staff for looking after her so well when she came in for holidays.

    Yours in sadness

    Keith, Carolyn, Emily, Daisy

    The Grinsted Family



    Racing name Cavansheath Jose.

    Very sadly and suddenly my boy left me and I am heartbroken. He changed my life as I hope I changed his. We will meet again of that I am sure. Sleep tight gorgeous boy.



    Frankie (Francesca Pickles) known to Clarks Farm as Phishbury Orca passed away 18 March 2013 after suffering with dementia. Such a gentle, beautiful princess who leaves a massive hole in our home (and nibbled skirting boards), leaving behind Sarah, Rich, best human friends Will and Neave and best dog friends Dean the greyhound and Ralph the staffie.

    Frank is the one in the bottom of the photo.

    Run free at Rainbow Bridge, Love you lots xxxxxx


    We rescued her on the 20th of January 2008. She was our special friend and she will be sorely missed. Our home will not be the same without her. Millie had to be put down as a result of a series of illness' which resulted in kidney failure on Thursday 21st February 2013.

    Her racing name was "Milk Cartron". 



    Katie asleep with Minnie and in her usual pose!

    R.I.P Sweetheart





    My lovely, darling boy, Tel.

    R.I.P. Lovely Boy





    10th December 2002 - 18th February 2013

     We are so sad to say good bye to our darling Olive who we rescued from Clarks Farm in 2006 and who changed our lives forever. We miss you so much, sweet, darling girl and you remain with us every moment of our lives. We love you.


    Vicarsview Missy

    Missy was taken from us suddenly and without warning on May 16th 2012 with bone cancershe was our pride and joya dainty little madam who knew how to get just what she wanted.

    She is so very sadly missed.

    free sweet Missy, until we meet again.

    Paul and Carol Burton



    It is with great sadness that I inform you of the death of Rocky (formerly Kerrylim Rocky). 


    Rocky came to live with me in 2008 at the age of 8 ½.  He was a loving, devoted dog who was in turn loved by all who knew him.  He accompanied me to work until last September, when he could no longer climb the stairs, and was a favourite with staff and visitors at the Cater Museum.


    He passed his test to become a Care Dog with Canine Concern.  Wearing his blue and white service coat he visited residents at Brewster House in Heybridge and the children at PARC in Braintree.


    Rocky was so gentle that we could baby-sit for a friend’s rabbit and cats would sleep in our garden.  Sometimes foxes followed us on our walks.   This year he protected the baby hedgehogs in our garden every night for 8 weeks, waking me when they were in danger from foxes.  Any invitation always included Rocky and he is the only dog I know who was invited to a funeral because the departed person loved him.


    You have earned a rest, Rocky, and I’ll see you on the other side of the rainbow bridge.





    (racing name PATTHEPLASTERER)

    02.01.2006 - 25.06.12

    Paddy was the most beautiful boy, a noble, kind and gentle hound, and a steadfast and true friend. We miss him so much and will never, ever forget him because he lit up our lives with happiness and fun.

    Rest in peace Paddy.

    All our love,

    Mary-Rose, Dave, your best pal Judy and your cousin Leemount Nik




    Raced as Carrowkeal  Ellie

    02/04/01- 27/07/12

    Sadly we have lost our beloved beautiful  Ellie after a short illness, she finally collapsed and was put to sleep very peacefully. She was the light of our lives and was perfect in every way, so sadly missed. 

    The photo was from when she won Prettiest Girl class in your On Line Show 2006.

    We would also like to thank Clarks Farms dedicated staff who care for these beautiful dogs.

     Kindest Regards 

    Judy & Brian




    (Race name - Shooting Lord.  Clarks Farm name - Buster)

    29/3/2003 - 9/7/2012

    Sadly, we lost our lovely big boy to cancer a couple of weeks ago and are missing him so much.  We have some wonderful memories and lovely photos and we will never forget him.

    R.I.P Bertie Brown Nose

    Lots of Love

     All of your forever family






    (Mr O'Sullivans Pup – Rose)

    07.07.01 - 08.05.12.

    ex Croftview R G T.

    Due to bone cancer.

    She didn't have the will to fight any longer after losing her beloved sister Patch. They were a pair that should have been natural sisters. Pixie was much loved and fussed by everyone who met her, she was a "meet and greet" dog for the kennel club puppy good citizen award a true advocate for greyhounds everywhere.

    Happily reunited with Patch in the big field in the sky.

    Until we all meet again,

    Lots of love and kisses,

    Neil, Lea, Chris, Andy, Fistral andncats (Felix & Melody).



    Dalmatian Greyhound x.

    23.08.99 - 23.03.12.

    Ex Battersea Brands Hatch.

    Due to Motor Neurones Disease.

    Listed as boisterous  and destructive - never did anything wrong or damaged anything the whole time we had her. A perfect companion, always ready for a walk or a game. Much loved and sorely missed by everyone who met her. We will miss your big cheesy grin.

    Go play in the big field in the sky until we all meet again.

    Lots of love and kisses,

    Neil, Lea, Chris, Andy, Pixie and cats

    (Felix & Melody).




    FAIRY 2.06.2001 - 12.04.2012

    (racing name Galtee Fairy, raced at Crayford)

    It is with huge sadness that we write to tell you that our darling Fairy has gone to Rainbow Bridge, after a short battle with an aggressive stomach tumour. She came to live with us in February 2007 after a long and successful racing career (166 races). Steve chose her for us and she turned out to be the most loyal and beautifully natured dog that anybody could wish for. She was our first 'hound' and she most definately converted us to these wonderful dogs, so much so that we adopted her sister, Lady in December, 2008. They got on brilliantly, they often cuddled up together on the sofa and thoroughly enjoyed their walks together. They were both ring bearers at our recent wedding at the end of March, Fairy stood proud, even though unknown to us she was in pain and near to the end of her time with us. There is a huge hole in our home and hearts, we will never forget our special girl, she was such a poppet, getting on with everyone she met, including small dogs even though she had a very high chase drive, cats though were a different matter!! Thank you so much for bringing such a wonderful dog into our lives, it was a real privilege to have known and loved her dearly for the five years we had her. Run fast and run free darling girl.

    All our love always,

    Night night and God bless,

    Mummy, Daddy, Lloyd and Lady




    Run Free At The Bridge Katie


    It is with extreme sadness that I have to tell you that Katie, our very own grand old lady passed away last month (March 2012).  She had just celebrated her 15th birthday.  We will always think of Katie and smile.  She was a loyal and loving friend.  Katie will be greatly missed by Steve and Sandra and all the kennel staff.



    If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."





    Run Free At Rainbow Bridge Rita


    It is with deep regret that Rita suddenly passed away March 2012 aged 8 years.  Rita was such a beautiful and gentle soul.  Taken so suddenly, without warning, her loss is very hard to bear.  She is greatly missed by Copper, her long time kennelmate, Steve &Sandra, all the kennel staff and volunteers.

    The memories of me you keep in your heart are forever,

    Just like the paw prints I left there.



    Run free At Rainbow Bridge



    It is with much sadness that I write today, 2nd March 2012,to tell you that our much loved Alfie is no longer with us in body, but will be forever with us in our hearts and memories. When his cancer came back again, he fought it just as hard as the other times.  Unfortunately, there was nothing could be done to beat back his tumours and, he grew very tired.  He was everybody’s friend and was a good ambassador for the greyhound breed.  He will be sadly missed by Steve and Sandra, the kennel staff and all who knew him.



    27 September 1998 - 20 December 2010

    (Race for Gold, UY-BAQ, raced at Sittingbourne)

    Such a gentle soul, he was so incredibly trusting despite his really tough racing career.  

    We enjoyed over 8 years with him in retirement.  He seemed to endear himself to all who met him.

    Saying goodbye was unbearable but what a privilege to have known him.

    We miss him so much.

    The Knight Family.


    We are so devastated to lose our best friend and companion Phoebe (Hazy Rumble) last week, after almost three years of enjoying every second of her company. She certainly came out of her shell with us, and got herself into many scrapes. Phoebe was loved and adored by all who met her and everyone who knew her is equally shocked at her passing away of bone cancer after she had slipped on wet grass and fell and broke her shoulder. I'm sure she is making new friends and seeing old friends at Rainbow Bridge.

    Celia, Hannah & Gemma


    AMOUREUSE 'AMY-DOG' 2000-2011

    Amy fought a brain tumour and meningitis for a full year with the amazing care of the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket before being helped to sleep this September. Amy's eyesight was lost and never regained after the meningitis, but she adjusted to her new life with such bravery. It has been a privilege to give a home to such an inspirational hound as Amy. She is survived by 2 loving owners and 1 pining greyhound. She was our best friend, and will be missed every day.

    Sleep tight Amy-dog x


    Dixie Dot feel asleep after a short illness in July, we had Dixie for 3 years with her brother Dean-o.  She chose us another dog two years ago, Frankie Pickles who was also a Clarks dog . Dixie was such an elegant, good natured princess, who loved her human brother and sister  very much and would be always be found next to them having fun and getting into mischief and occassionally eating sausages, her favourite! Dixie leaves a big gap in our family that can't be filled. Thank you Princess Dixie Dot for the love and joy you bought with you!    Run free, run fast and remember we love you faithful friend xxx   

    Your Mum and Dad and brothers and sisters Sarah, Rich, Will, Neave, Dean-o and Frankie Pickles


    Flo  aka Poor Flo

    We adopted her from you 3 and a half years ago and she has been the most perfect dog.  She had such a calm presence, and people who met her always fell in love with her - we know of quite a few who after meeting her, went on to get their own Greyhounds.

     Our lurcher Elmo will miss her greatly, as will we.

     Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have such a wonderful dog in our lives, even for a relatively short time.  I've attached a photo of her, so you can see how confident she became.  We think she was incredibly beautiful and she will never be forgotten.

     With best wishes,

     Lorna & Ed


    Piggots Manor

    It is with deep regret that Piggy lost his battle with cancer yesterday, 20th June 2011. He unfortunately never found his forever home but was a firm favourite with everyone who worked at or visited the kennels.

    He was an excellent plane spotter and would bark at the sky to ward off any aircraft, large or small that invaded his airspace.

    At Clarks Farm we will deeply miss him.

    Run Free At Rainbow Bridge dear dog.



    Zara  aka Pinkyblue

    Zara has joined her partner Josh in the rabbit fields in the sky. 

    A lovely noble dog who will be sadly missed by Mum and Dad xxx


    It is with a very heavy heart that I must inform you of the passing of our dear Leo (you knew him as Knockard cash or KC) he went to sleep on Boxing day aged 9, after a short illness. Although we still have our two other Greyhounds Holly and pixie, his passing has left a massive empty space on our floor, settee and our hearts. We had him for four short years but we knew he was a real gentleman.

    Thank you all for bringing into our lives.


    Millie aka SheKnows HeKnows

    March 1998 - 15th January 2011

    Dear sweet Millie, rehomed to us 4 years ago. What a fantastic pet, companion, mum, and friend to us all. Sadly leaving us, but your time had come, you told me in your eyes and the way you looked at me that sad morning. There is a terrible hole in our lives, i love you Millie, run free in greyhound heaven and meet Rusty, Flash and Bella.

    Lots of love Chloe (your human mum) and Sasha (your greyhound friend)




    You Make Me Jump

    4.6.2002 – 30.12.2010

    Toby loved everything about family life and settled in immediately without any problems. Toby also loved his work as a Pets As Therapy visiting dog. He was a gentle and patient soul who gave so much pleasure for many hours over the time he visited the care home for elderly Dementia sufferers. Toby touched so many hearts and is so greatly missed by all who knew him.

    Farewell Toby from the Casbolt family and Maycroft Residential Care Home. Thank you for enriching all our lives, we will always remember you.


      Avon Fionn - 'Theo'   14.10.00 - 01.12.10

    Avon Fionn found his forever home with us over 4 years ago.  Renamed Theo - he became a part of the family instantly and I grew to love him more and more every day.  Unfortunately  had to put my baby to sleep as he developed problems with his kidneys and he couldn't be fixed.  There is a very huge Theo hole now that can never be filled and I will miss him every day.  Recently my husband and I parted and Theo has always been my best friend and helped me through this difficult time. Theo was the most loving and obedient dog ever and he had the most wonderful personality and anyone whoever met him commented on what a great dog he was. 

    If you are considering on giving a greyhound a home then please please do, you will never regret it - I never did!!  

    Run free at Rainbow Bridge baby - till we meet again - Love you love Mum xxxx


    Vinnie (aka Leaders Vierri)

    09/08/06 - 27/09/10.

    We were so proud of you for finally settling into life living with humans we know you found it a huge shock, you were such an admirable soul and you taught us so much in the short time you were with us. We will always miss you and your funny ways.

     Love always Caroline and Paul x x  



      aka "Sunday Magic"

    1/10/99 - 9/11/09

    Raced at Nottingham

    After waiting 'til she was over 7 to be rescued, having had pups, she only spent 2 years at home but made a huge impact with her gentle, calm and affectionate nature.  We loved her floppy ears and all 4 of her teeth!  Missed greatly by all of us, but especially her best friend Monty.  The Knight Family.






    D.O.B 06/09/1998

    SADLY PASSED AWAY 21/09/2010





    Big Wide World

    It is with much sorrow I have to let you know that, my darling Peka passed away.  

     I miss her so very much, she was a wonderful hound and I loved her dearly,  there is not a day goes by and I don,t think of her.

     I am so very glad that, that day I came down to look at the hounds you offered her to me, we had a wonderful 3 1/2 years together, with lots of fun.  I have special treasured memories of her which will always be with me. 


    I now just have my saluki, Lily, who I know also misses her Peka.


    love Mandy



    24/9/1999 - 21/8/2010 

    Farewell my faithful friend

    Rest in peace

       Love Mum & Dad



    AKA "Dan Dan" and "The Dan"
    Desperate Dan
    8th March 2003 - 14th June 2010
     A very lovely, brave, gentle fella.
    Fought so hard, but it was too late.
    Our hearts ache, it is almost too much to bear.
    Sleep well Dan Dan,
    Lots of love
    Mummy, Daddy, Katie, Tom, Meggy and those pesky cats.



    Charlie renamed "JAMBA"

         Just 7 years old

    You will remain in our hearts forever.

    We treasure the memories we have of you, especially you catching snowballs!

    Jewel will miss your shared mental moments of bumscoots,

    play fighting and chasing one another around the house and garden.

    We love you Jam, and I will picture us "Jammin" to Bob Marley whenever I hear that song.

     All our love, hugs and kisses

     Hannah, Jewel, Mum and Nan



    JERRY aka Fairfield Peter

    17th November 2001 - 27th November 2009

    Gone but never forgotten in our heart you will always stay.

    Love always your heartbroken

    Mummy and Daddy xxx  RIP Fat dog


    "ASBO" Emma

    Isle Lass

    5th April 1997-23th May 2009

    A very special little girl

    Known as ASBO for all that met you due to your bossy nature but loveable antics!

    Taken so suddenly to bone cancer.We love and miss you so much..

    RIP Emma,  

    Love from Mum and Robbie greyhound x


    aka Nice Rub


    2.6.98 - 6.3.07

    Raced at Romford

    Taken so suddenly, there was barely time to say goodbye. A wonderful

    family pet who will always be greatly missed. Simply one of the best.

    The Knight Family.



    Shelbourne Magic

    17/08/03 - 18/02/2009

    A beautiful big boy with a magical

     Loved by everyone
    and missed so very much.

    You will always be
    in our hearts.

    The Amos Family xxx



    Wayward Josh

    A very special boy with such a big heart. 

    Always remembered and there is a big space on our sofa. 

    Josh will be missed. 

    Mum, Dad and Zara



    Treasured memories of my beautiful Millie - our time together cut short so early in your life.

    Love you forever.

    Your 'Mum'




    14/9/00 - 4/9/06

    So sadly taken before you could enjoy life in a 'forever home'.

    Missed by all at Clarks Farm



    Aureole - aka Friar Lawrence QYY7

    12 July 1995 - 28 June 2002

    Raced at Monmore Green.

    Retired to Essex.

    Mischievous and magnificent!

    Our first beloved greyhound who gave us the 'bug' for these beautiful hounds. Always remembered.

    The Knight Family



    Kildare Boy

    3/9/99 - 21/11/05

    You never made it to a 'forever home' but you still found a place in our hearts at Clarks Farm.



    Taken too young, too soon

    Always remembered, always missed


     MEGAN 1995- 2002

     Gone from our life

    Gone from our touch

    But not gone from our hearts

    that loved you so much

    Night Sweetheart

    Love Mum and Dad

    X X X X


    Good friend and companion

    Loving Nature

    Sadly missed.


    In loving memory of my dear William who passed away 9th May 2003.

    If I could have a lifetime wish, a wish that would come true

    I'd pray to God with all my heart for yesterday with you

    Miss you everyday






    SPARKLE (formerly known as Spike)

    A beautiful boy taken much too early.

    Much loved by his Mum and all

    at Clarks Farm.
    Never to be forgotten.