So you've decided you'd like to adopt a greyhound.............what next?

    If you haven't done so already we suggest doing some reading up on what you need to know about rehoming a retired greyhound.  We will also give you information booklets, leaflets and DVDs. 


    Before you can adopt a greyhound a homecheck needs to be undertaken. It's nothing too personal but is part of our responsibilities as a re-homing centre to make sure that our dogs are going to safe, appropriate environments.
     A homecheck usually takes around an hour and we like to see all members of the family if possible.  We will give advice on securing the garden, where the dog should sleep and further advice if required.
    Our homecheckers have  a lot of experience of greyhounds and can sometimes spot something you may not have considered. The only hard rules we have on re-homing dogs are that you must be over 18 years old, not be banned from keeping animals and if appropriate have permission from your landlord.

     Other areas we consider are access to a garden, children, other pets and how long the dog will be regularly left alone - We will consider most circumstances on their individual merit.   However, if you just gave birth to triplets  a week ago or live on the 21st floor of a tower block, then we may suggest that a greyhound is not for you at the moment.


    It is very important to choose the right greyhound, the team at Clarks Farm have  a very good idea about the temperament and nature of all the dogs so you should be guided by their advice on the most appropriate greyhound for your circumstances. When you visit the kennels you will have the opportunity to spend some time with several greyhounds and take them out for a walk to find the one that bonds with you. It's important not to be too hasty in making your mind up and possibly be prepared to visit the kennels on a few occasions until the right greyhound comes in, particularly if you have specific requirements, as in a weeks time you might not be so thrilled with your new dog if you really wanted a small, quiet, older dog but instead came home with a large, boisterous 18 month old dog!

    If you already have another dog bring it to the kennels with you and let them choose your new greyhound as it will be most important that they get on with the newcomer!

     If you live a distance away from Clarks Farm you may prefer to have the home check carried out prior to visiting the kennels, as this will save you making a return trip to collect your new greyhound.  However, if you live nearby, you may like to choose your greyhound before having your home check completed.


    Whatever you decide give us a call and have a chat!

       Don't forget all our greyhounds are neutered, inoculated, micro-chipped come with lead, collar, bowl and muzzle plus 4 weeks free pet insurance!


    We suggest a donation of £125 for each adoption to help towards our costs to care for the greyhounds at Clarks Farm.
    It costs an average of £388 to re-home a greyhound. This consists of neutering, parasite treatment, kennelling, muzzle, collar & lead. All of your donation will go towards re-homing another greyhound.


    At any time post adoption you can contact us to answer any questions you may have. Often a quick phone call or email can answer your query but if you have a more detailed behavioural problem we can support you over the phone or with a visit if required.


    Unfortunately there are occasions where a homing doesn't work out for some reason or your circumstances change. If this happens the greyhound should be returned to us at Clarks Farm.