Q. I work long hours can I still have a greyhound?
    A. We don't recommend that any dog is regularly left for more than 4-5 hours. If you have someone reliable and trustworthy who could pop in and spend some time with the dog then that may be an option. There are also companies around who will provide dog walking services on a professional basis. Have a look at the PETPALS website to see an example of what is available.

    Q. Can I let my greyhound off the lead?
     A. We recommend that you do not allow your greyhound to run off the lead. As a sighthound greyhounds can see a long distance away, couple that with their speed and they can be a long way from you very quickly. Also they are used to running in prepared surfaces and can injure themselves seriously on rough terrain or by running into objects or even barbed wire.

    Q. Do you recommend any dog training classes for Greyhounds?
    A. There are many training classes around and we don't have details of all of them. You may be able to get some information from your vet on local training classes.There is a very good training school in Billericay who have specialist greyhound classes.
    Q. I have never had a greyhound before and am concerned that he is too thin - How do I know my dog is at the right weight?
     A. It is important to maintain the right weight for your greyhound, as being overweight can put a strain on his heart and is just as dangerous as being underweight. In general you should still be able to see the outline of the last three - four ribs, but every dog is different so we will give you advice before you take your dog home. If you are still in doubt bring your dog down to the kennels and we will be able to advise you.

    Q. Does a greyhound need a coat?
    A. Greyhounds have very low amounts of body fat and consequently feel the cold more than other dog breeds, therefore in the winter months your greyhound should wear a coat outside.

    Q. Do I still need to get my greyhound microchipped as she has earmarks?
    A. Tracing ownership through earmarks is reliant on the database being up to date and can only be done during office hours. Micro-chipping usually costs around £15 and can speed up finding the owner if a dog is found straying. It is also very important if your dog has indistinct earmarks. Clarks Farm also recommends that you have an engraved dog-tag for your greyhound as the 'barrel' type can come apart and lose the details contained within. It is important to note that a dog must wear a tag by law, we recommend that your tag has the following information-Your family name-Postcode-Telephone Number Do not include your dog's name as a precaution against dog-napping

    Q. I have been using a flea treatment purchased from a major pet store but my dog still suffered from fleas over the summer - why is this?
    A. Over the counter treatments are really not strong enough - you need to get a flea and tick treatment as supplied by your vet, to ensure that your greyhound does not suffer unduly from from these unwelcome visitors.

    Q. Help, my greyhound has bald thighs - what can I do?
    A. A lot of greyhounds suffer from this, it can be caused by laying on the kennel floor or stress. If hair follicles have been damaged the hair won't grow back. However many greyhounds do start growing their hair back after a few months in their new home. Addition of fish oil or oily fish to their food can help, as can rubbing Sudocream into the bald areas.
    Q. Do you recommend any Veterinary practices?
     A. When you first get your dog you will need to register it with a vets, you may have used a local vets for other pets or alternatively seek recommendations from friends or relations with pets.
    Clarks Farm Greyhound Rescue ensures that all rescued greyhounds, which are rehomed, receive a veterinary check prior to joining their new family. Until recently, this was performed by a visiting veterinary surgeon; however we now have an onsite veterinary clinic. The clinic is not only fully equipped to perform routine work required such as health checks, neutering, dental work, and vaccinating; they are also open to the public to return for future requirements.
    The Clarks Farm Veterinary Clinic is a modern, well-equipped surgery; manned by Bill Steele, a veterinary surgeon with an extensive specialist knowledge of greyhounds, in particular of injuries they can incur and administrating anaesthetics (important due to lack of body fat greyhounds need different anaesthetics to other dogs). The combination of up to date facilities and expertise will ensure that your pet will receive the best possible care.